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Update on WannaCry | Get protection
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In the wake of the massive "WannaCry" ransomware attack on May 12, we wanted to reach out with resources and proactive steps you can take to ensure your business is protected.

First, we strongly recommend the following measures:

  • Have the latest Windows operating system updates and patches. You can protect against this exploit by running Windows Update. More info.
  • Choose an endpoint security product with a multilayered approach, which provides protection not only from malware but the exploits that malware utilizes to spread.
  • Arm employees with the knowledge to protect your network with ESET’s free online cybersecurity training, which covers ransomware, phishing and more.

To learn more, see these ways to protect against WannaCry ransomware or read about the WannaCry outbreak.

This attack has shown the importance of a multilayered approach to endpoint security. That’s why we recommend ESET. Not only did they detect this family of malware long before the recent attack, but ESET’s proactive, multilayered solutions both block WannaCry and stop it from spreading.

To discuss how we can help safeguard your business, just schedule a call back.

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